About Grapevinyl

Hi. My name is Kunal and I like music videos. Actually, not just music videos...but all videos related to, well, music. I'm talking about covers, live performances, etc.

I made Grapevinyl to share these great videos with you.

All the code was built from scratch on a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles. If you like building things, here's a peek under the covers:

  • Pocket: All videos are find are saved and tagged in Pocket. This makes it easy to stash videos for future posts when I'm traveling. There's no fancy CMS.
  • Cactus: Cactus makes it very easy to build, test and deploy a static website. All Grapevinyl videos are essentially Cactus posts. Templates are Django flavored.
  • PureCSS: Pure makes it easy to build a responsive site. Thanks Yahoo!
  • Amazon Web Services: Grapevinyl is served via an S3 bucket. DNS is managed by Route 53. Look mom, no EC2.
  • Bash: Some quick utilities to generate new posts. Saves some keystrokes.
  • youtube-dl: An easy command line program to generate a local video from a YouTube URL. I always grab the highest quality version available, ideally 1080.
  • ffmpeg: A well-featured library that's used to grab still images from the generated video files. I just specify the minute/second mark and it does the rest.

I'll update this page as things change.

If you'd like to submit a video, just email me.